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  • How do I get ServSafe certified?
    To get ServSafe certified you must complete an accredited Certified Food Manager Class and pass the ServSafe Manager exam. We provide both services in our classes.
  • When is your next class?/ Where can I find a schedule of your classes?
    Check our “Join a Class” page to join one of our weekly classes. If you have a group or need us to come to you fill out the “Contact Us” form.
  • Where do you hold your classes?
    We currently hold our classes at Office Evolution OR we are happy to come to you. - Keeping you and your staff on-premises minimizes the amount of time away from your business.
  • Are the class and the test conducted on the same day?
    Absolutely! The class first, a quick break, then the test afterwards.
  • Is this for the ServSafe Manager Certification?
    Yes. While you can get the ServSafe Food Handler Certificate, the ServSafe Manager is the only course of the two that you need an instructor/proctor for and the one we teach.
  • When will I receive my ServSafe certificate?
    The certificate is available as soon as all of the class have completed and passed the exam.
  • I don't have a computer how can I find out if I passed or failed?
    Get Pass/Fail Results for Food Protection Manager exam via text. Text "Results" to 800-765-2122 .
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